Talking To Yourself Can Be A Good Thing

As we discussed sowing good seed yesterday I want to give you a powerful example from the Bible in how this works. In Matthew chapter 9 it describes a woman with a serious health condition, she was bleeding and had been in this condition for twelve years. She had spent all of her money on physicians only to get worst. Also according to the law she was declared unclean and therefore could not touch anyone or they would be unclean. She had to announce herself as being unclean everywhere she went. She truly had a terrible situation for a long period of time. Bleeding which caused her weakness. She was broke because she spent all of her money on physicians that could not help her. She hadn’t had a hug or as much as a hand shake in 12 years. She walked around in constant fear of being stoned if she touched someone and in humiliation having to declare herself unclean. But her complete situation was about to change as she began to sow a powerful seed in her spirit.


She began to speak or declare within herself that she knew if she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment she would be healed of her condition. It is important for us to realize that she was doing something that we do everyday. We all talk to ourselves, in other words we are always planting seeds in our spirit. The only difference here is that she was speaking to herself words (seeds) that described the result she would receive by her action based upon an Old Testament scripture. She based her statement upon Malachi 4:2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings…


No doubt in hearing the many testimonies she associated Jesus as being the coming Messiah mentioned in that passage. There would be healing in his wings. The wings are the hem or tail of the garment. As she continued to sow that seed in her spirit over and over declaring the results of her action based upon the most powerful seed in heaven and earth. Several things began to happen.

1. She gained strength and boldness to move into action.

2. She overcame her fears and shame as she moved into the crowed toward Jesus.

3. Her expectation and faith rose to the level of an open heaven in the fact that she would indeed receive the results of her action.

As she touched his wing, Jesus tells us that the healing and delivering power of God was released in her body curing her hemorrhaging of blood and healing every broken area of her life. For he declared her faith had made her whole! She clearly spoke Truth to Power and received the results of that truth. We can do the same by planting good seed in our spirit as it relates to our situations. This is a proven practice, talk to yourself and declare God’s promises to you. Declare who God says you are and what you are to have. Those seeds will create a belief and expectation along with a can do, can have, will happen attitude bringing about a result that blesses you and glorifies God. Speak Truth to Power! God bless you and have a wonderful day.



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