Stick and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you! Not! That was a childhood saying that we were told and probably repeated a number of times while we were growing up. The fact is that statement is far from the truth. Words do have power, they can hurt you and they can change your life. Words have influence that can make or break you.

I’m sure there has been a time in your life or even maybe today that someone has told you that you could not do something, or you would not be successful in your endeavor. Your outcome as it relates to their statement is largely based upon your belief. If you allow their seeds (words) to take root in your heart by continually thinking about what they said or talking about what they said. Unconsciously you will begin to agree with them and in spite of all your efforts your outcome will be as they stated.However, you always have the power to override their statements by crushing their seed with your own.

For example in 2011 after serving four years as a city commissioner I decided to run for the office of Mayor in our city. I was told on several occasions throughout the campaign I would lose, even by people I respected and thought were in my corner. My opponent was the incumbent so his chances of winning were greater. He had more financial backing; his camp was ruthless with disregard for rules and fairness so I didn’t have a chance. And who wants a Pastor as their Mayor? That’s what I was being told from the day I announced until the day ballots were being counted.

But what I continued to tell myself and others is that I had already won, they just didn’t know it yet. I talked and acted like I had already won; I was just waiting for the City Clerk to announce it on Election Day. To my point, on the day I announced I was running I did it on the steps of city hall and threw a huge celebration party right after. Word was all over the city that we were celebrating as if we had won the election and the campaign was just getting starting.

I had no campaign manager, my wife and I with prayer made decisions each step of the way. During that campaign every lie and discouraging remark that was said about me seemed to serve as fertilizer on the seeds that I had planted in my heart. I became more encouraged, energized, creative and innovative in getting my message out.

In the end as both camps stood outside of the Clerks office awaiting results. I heard them over and over congratulating the other candidate and saying he had beaten me handily. Then the door opened and the Clerk stepped out. Silence hit the room; you could have heard a pen drop. She began reading the results from each precinct. Then came the words I knew I would hear and were no surprise to me but was a bombshell to all those who said I would lose. “The winner of the Mayoral election is James Hightower”. At that point I said not one word but simply exited the building, but in my heart I was leaping ten feet in the air rejoicing and praising God for the victory. I had won by only eight votes, but I won. I dismissed the words of those who said I couldn’t and sowed in my spirit words that said I could and would, and I did.

Who said you can’t make it? Who said you can’t do it? Who said you can’t have it? Who said really doesn’t matter! What matters is what you say about it. Keep speaking truth to power in your own life. Plant seeds in your spirit that inspires your dreams and vision. Dismiss the negative words (seeds) that others will try to sow and use them as fertilizer to aid you in producing some glorious results in your life.

You can make! You can do it! You can have it! Speak truth to power.


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