Wise man Solomon said, “The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by a master carpenter, which are given from one shepherd. To be wise is to show your experience and knowledge by demonstrating good judgment. In this case especially as it relates to the words you use in conversation. Your words can move you forward in life, or hold you back.

He says the words of the wise are as goads. What’s a goad? I would have to say most of us today have no idea. Well a goad is a long stick that was made very sharp on the end and used as a cattle prod. They would use the goad to keep the cattle moving, a stick here and a poke there. It was also used as a weapon of offence or defense.

So how does the goad compare to words of the wise? When your words are positive, based upon right judgment, aligned with Bible principles they move you forward. Those words move you toward your purpose and destiny. They don’t allow you to stand still and get stagnant. They keep poking you toward your dreams. Wise words will keep prodding you into making the kind of progress that brings success and prosperity to your life. Those words also become your weapon as you stick it to the enemies of your progress, fear, doubt, and negative seeds of others.

The words of the wise are also like nails in the hand of a master carpenter or master builder. A master builder knows just where to place and hammer the nail so it holds the boards together securely. You’re the master builder of your life. You have to nail your relationships, building them in a positive way. You have to nail that interview. Nail down the promises of God in his word. What’s so awesome about Solomon’s statement is he says the nails are given to you from one shepherd. I don’t know about you but I can say like David, “The Lord is my Shepherd”. He will give you the nails (words), the blueprint and guide you in building a spectacular life that glorifies Him and blesses you.

Be wise, be positive, use good judgment and speak truth to power in your life.


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